A company is defined by the quality of its people. That's why we are so proud of the group of professionals who, together, make this company what it is today. If you're considering employment with New Way, we encourage you to ask them what they think. In the meantime, you may find the comments in the 'Professional Snapshots' below enlightening.

“When I started, it was work that was way over my head, but my manager trusted me and took the time to help me learn.”

"Working part time as an apprentice at New Way has provided me with the training I needed...and it continues. At New Way there are experienced people willing to mentor me and help me continually acquire new skills. Recently, I was given the chance to attend the ASPE Conference in Texas with one of New Way's founders. If you work hard, the management team at New Way will go out of their way to provide you with growth opportunities."

"Even though I'm part time, I‘m still given plenty of opportunities to work on exciting projects. In fact, my managers are good about giving me progressively more challenging work. My skills have certainly progressed. My favorite assignment at New Way, so far, has been working on the diamond turning machine. When I started, it was work that was way over my head, but my manager trusted me and took the time to help me learn."

Professional Snapshot:

“I’ve never had a 401K plan before. Our 401K means I have an opportunity to protect my future.”

"The benefits at New Way have really made a difference for me. My previous job didn't provide health insurance. Now I can see a doctor and get regular check ups. I've never had a 401K plan before, either. Our 401K means I have an opportunity to protect my future. At New Way they'll match you 100% up to a certain amount. Profit sharing is very good, too. They're very generous here in that way. They take care of their employees."

"In fact, people from the management team show genuine concern about your personal situation here. They come and talk to you personally. It's something you expect from your co-workers, but management is actually interested in you and your outside concerns. My own team is great, too. It comes down to the people. They're all nice guys. They're good people to work with. I enjoy finding out what they were up to over the weekend and things like that. Overall I feel like I have a career here...not just a job. I feel a sense of accomplishment."

Professional Snapshot:

“New Way is family-friendly. There is support here.”

"My title is Human Resources Assistant. I found out about the job from an online listing seeking someone interested in a part-time, flexible, family-friendly position. New Way understands the needs of parents with school-aged children. They know that things will come up. New Way is family-friendly. There is support here. Where I worked previously, they weren't as willing to work with people. This is just a more positive environment."

"When I started, there was so much happening at once, all while I was learning. There were improvements to the 401k and healthcare benefits. It could have been overwhelming. But we have a great team in HR. My manager is patient and open-minded. She's willing to listen to any ideas I have that could improve the department. The management team, in general, has a clear vision of where the company is going. It's great to be involved with something like that."

Professional Snapshot:

“I was hired for inventory, but they had an opening, and now I run shipping and receiving full time.”

"I left my previous job because they were closing, and an employee here recommended me. I was hired for inventory, but as I learned the business my responsibilities grew, and now I run shipping and receiving full time. I handle everything related to materials, shipping, receiving, issuing materials for assembly, issuing materials for machines, and more. When I get good at a certain area, I'm always looking for other things to do. There's always plenty here. I really cleaned up our inventory management, for example. I'm very proud of that."

"I think my team is the best team here. We communicate very well. And we ensure that everything is covered. My manager is a great person to work for. He never gets over-stressed. And I think the overall management team is very friendly and cooperative."

"The work experience at New Way is definitely one of the best. I think the company will continue to grow, and I'd like to move up and be an even bigger part of it. I've worked for places like this before. And what New Way does is probably one of the best ideas I've seen. We produce one the most innovative technologies available."

Professional Snapshot:

“I like the fact that I get to interact with a lot of different people. I like the fact that I get to use my brain; I do like the creativity part so I’m happy about that.

"I am a CAD draftsperson-engineer and system-administrator for information technology (IT). My job has changed over the years. I was hired to do engineering work, over the course of time the job has shifted. I've taken on responsibility for computers. I like the fact that I get to use my brain; I do like the creativity part so I'm happy about that."

"The most exciting project I've worked on was build up of our new MRP (Material Resources Planning) Systems server. I used many new skills that I have been working on and got to the fundamental core of the network here. The (MRP) is a large system encompassing business aspects that are done daily. It has everything from customer contact relations, to accounting, billing, shipping, receiving, engineering, revision control, all of this is included."

"I take pride in making sure everything works okay and helping people when I can. I created a vault which organized all of the CAD Drawings into a system for revision control, to help reduce the flow of paper."

Professional Snapshot:

“I like New Way because I can do a variety of jobs. They always give me something different to do.”

"I was hired in 1999 for packaging, delivery, and all that stuff. And that's what I do... everything from shipping to receiving, pick up, delivery, and packaging. But I've worked on everything at New Way; just about everything in the shop. My manager would move me around from different things. So I learned them all."

"I like New Way because I can do a variety of jobs. They always give me something different to do. The atmosphere here is different...and the friendliness. It's a good place to work with good benefits and the opportunity for advancement. That's always possible because the business is growing. I'm proud to be a part of it. I like the energy, and the innovation going on all around me."

Professional Snapshot:

“I haven’t worked anyplace where everyone has such a good working relationship.”

"I've been working in this building for about 11 years now. I do precision grinding on aluminum. You have your Operators and you have your Machinists. Machinists set up the machine and Operators work the job after the machinists are done. I came in and worked my way up from being an Operator to doing what I do now."

"Much of what we do is highly technical and very precise. Being able to grind some of the materials that we grind can't walk out into the everyday world and find someone who can grind aluminum plates within a 4 tenths (.0004) flatness. It takes a couple years to figure out how to do it properly and understand the techniques."

"Compared to other places I've worked, New Way is much more relaxed. They are good people. Unique. I haven't worked anyplace where everyone has such a good working relationship. And management is approachable. They take care of you if you have a problem, and try and satisfy your need."

Professional Snapshot:

“New Way has very good benefits. I have a medical condition that requires ongoing care, so I value the medical benefits the most.”

"I'm a Machinist. I've been at new Way for more than eight years. I work with a lot of good people here. I like the fact that there aren't many machine shops that can do what we do. Overall, it's good place to work. There's a good future here. It's a growing company that offers excellent benefits and a very good work environment. New Way also shares its profits with the employees, and it looks like a very good future."

"New Way has very good benefits. I have a medical condition that requires ongoing care, so I value the medical benefits the most. I spend a lot of money on prescriptions every month, and if I had to buy them out of pocket it would be very expensive."

"The company cares about the community, too. I can speak to that very well. I'm a director for a youth organization, and New Way has always sponsored baseball teams for us. They take care of buying the young kids hats and team shirts. I'm also involved with board of directors at our local fire company, and New Way has always stepped up and made donations when we had a need."

Professional Snapshot:

“When I was hired there were 15 people. We’re now up over 70.”

"You can see the commitment here when you look at the growth. When I was hired, there were 15 or 16 people. We're now up over 70. That takes commitment...commitment to our customers, to our products, to our employees, and to the community. It's there, or else we wouldn't be growing as fast as we are. We have people who are always looking at different avenues to grow, whether it be sales, engineering, manufacturing, quality control, or upper management."

"I'm the Quality Manager for New Way Air Bearings. Basically, what I do is ensure that all of our products go out the door correctly, and that the appropriate paperwork is in place. My team is the inspection team. Each one of my guys is great. I can rely on every one of them to do a job, execute it, and know that it's going to be correct. I have full confidence in the reports that we issue...that what those reports say is exactly what ‘is.' The people at New Way are real. The product is real. You just can't beat it. That's what makes this company grow."

Professional Snapshot:

“I tell some of the younger folks, if this wasn’t my job, I’d probably do it as a hobby.”

"I started out with American Sun (a predecessor company to New Way). I'm a Tool and Die Maker, but I do a little of everything: Run production runs, see that other people are kept busy by making tool fixtures, jig appliances, repair breakdowns, whatever, whatever it takes. I really like my tooling work and working with the people here. I tell some of the younger folks, if this wasn't my job, I'd probably do it as a hobby."

"New Way is lot more user-friendly than other places I've worked. Everybody seems to like what they are doing. And they seem knowledgeable. Everyone on my team gets along real well. Everyone seems to want to be here, which is pretty unusual today."

"The company is very people oriented. They truly want to know how you are doing, not just what you are doing to make more product, or to make that product better. It's kind of funny, but that kind of attitude usually results in more and better products."

Professional Snapshot:

“A lot of people have been here 5 or 6 years or more. That says they’re not jumping from job to job.”

"I started off here as a sandblaster, and I worked on the machines until I was promoted to Driver in the Shipping and Receiving department. A lot of people have been here 5 or 6 years or more. That says they're not jumping from job to job. There's good stability."

"New Way is a nice place to work. Everyone is friendly around here. It's a little bit more laid back than where I've worked before. Everyone works together, knows their position, and gets along well. It's a team."

"The managers are business oriented, but you can still have fun with them. They're not breathing down your neck, telling you what you need to do. They have respect. And they give you the freedom to get the job done."

"And when you get the job done, it means something. The benefits and the bonuses are good. Every quarter we have a meeting. When the company reaches a record, or we hit a quota, everyone in the company gets a bonus."

Professional Snapshot:
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